Boatyard & Marina Charges 2020/21

Applicable from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

Storage in Marina Berth

Annually renewable unless otherwise arranged:

Grade A            £160.00 +VAT per metre*

Grade B            £150.00 +VAT per metre


Berths may be taken on a quarterly basis if required but no discount will be applied.

12 month berths are subject to a 10% discount if paid in advance of the start date.

Minimum 7.0m

Overnight Mooring fee:  £12.50 +VAT

Grading Definitions

A ‘Grade A’ mooring is defined as a mooring that is occupied for more than 9 months in any 12 month period.

A ‘Grade B’ mooring is defined as a Leisure mooring where the occupants visit regularly but still have access all year round.


Services Charge (Applicable to ALL vessels):

£1.25 per week +VAT


Electricity Unit Cost:

£0.155 per unit +VAT @5%

Storage Ashore

Vessels on trailer (Measured full length from hitch to stern):

£0.75 +VAT per foot per week


Empty Trailer storage (Full length):

£0.75 +VAT per foot per week

Boat Handling

To prepare boatlift, slipping cruiser out of water, move to and chock ashore for storage/brokerage:

£200.00 +VAT Fixed


To prepare boatlift, moving from storage/brokerage position and launching cruiser into the water:

£200.00 +VAT Fixed


To prepare boatlift, slipping cruiser out of water, leave on slipway for work to be done (max 2 hours) & re-launching:

£200.00 +VAT Fixed


Launch & recovery from owner’s trailer by us:

£25.00 +VAT Fixed


Additional cost for leaving cruiser on slipway

£25.00 per hour +VAT


Marina Access Key (Refundable Deposit):                              

£16.67 +VAT


Cana & River Trust Keys (Toilet Access etc.):

£5.00 +VAT